Restoring Your Wellbeing Naturally


First-Rate Health and Wellness Center in Pantego

At R3 Physical Health, we've been serving families and individuals in Arlington for 20 years with a commitment to helping every single one of our clients relax, restore, and unwind. We use state-of-the-art technology and offer a range of services, including infrared light therapy body wraps and laser lipo.

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Embrace Serenity

Step into a haven of comfort and tranquility at R3 Physical Health. Our center offers a warm and inviting space where you can experience personalized treatments designed to promote relaxation and healing. Let us pamper you with our gentle and effective therapies, tailored to bring you peace and comfort. Come indulge in the care you deserve and embark on a journey to wellness with us.


  • By appointment only
  • Free consultation
  • Wifi on the premises
  • Cashapp accepted
  • Family-owned
  • State-of-the-art
  • Holistic wellness
  • Debit & credit cards accepted
  • 20 years of experience

Maximize Your Health Savings

Take advantage of your flex spending and health savings accounts for your well-being at R3 Physical Health. Use these funds to invest in our transformative health and wellness treatments, from Chiropractic Care to Red Light Therapy. Your journey to a healthier and happier you starts here.

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